Cut a Hole in a Cubicle Furniture

Oct 12th

Cubicle furniture – Office cubicle furniture can be filled with electrical cables and extension cords. You can keep all of them contained placing them behind the walls of the cubicles. Cut a hole in a wall of the cubicle furniture is a convenient way to hide clutter-electric cable.

Simple Cubicle Furniture
Simple Cubicle Furniture

Cut a hole in cubicle furniture, Determine the size and shape of the hole will need. The size of the hole depends on what you are going to run through it. Usually you need a circle of 2 to 3 inches of electric cables. Mark the point on the cubicle furniture wall where you would like to make a hole with a permanent marker or a piece of chalk.

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Use a sharp knife to pierce through the fabric at the point marked, and then use scissors to cut the tissue along markings, exposing the core of plywood. (Most cubicle furniture walls are constructed of plywood.) Cut a hole in the plywood with a whole saw or a power saw with a little boring. Cut a corresponding hole on the other side of the fabric. Use sandpaper 100 grit to smooth the cut wood. Trim any loose thread in the fabric, using scissors.

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